When it comes to bars, sometimes you need to ask around first before you just go to one. Utica is a town where that is the case. These bars are exceptional!

Yelp is a wonderful thing sometimes, I use it every time I go to a new place. Some of the places listed below are beer bars, some are bars that also serve up a great plate of food too. I have noticed not too many places in town have yelp reviews, so if your favorite watering hole didn't make the top 10 I say head over there and give out an incredible review.

The question is, what makes a bar a truly great bar? For me, it's the bartender first and foremost. I would be more inclined to go back to a bar if I had a great conversation with a bartender who also really knows how to work magic behind the bar. That is assuming I order a mixed drink. Another thing for me would be the atmosphere, I'm not looking for a run-down, dark, and dingy bar. Although sometimes bars like that can be fun. Here is the list.

  1. The Tailor and The Cook
  2. Five Points Public House
  3. The Stief
  4. Iconic by Chesterfield
  5. Griffins Pub
  6. The Celtic Harp Restaurant & Pub
  7. The Sanctuary (According to Google they are temporarily closed)
  8. Green Onion Pub
  9. Ocean Blue Restaurant & Oyster Bar
  10. Sickenberger Lane

I personally haven't been to any of these. I was however just talking the other day about wanting to try The Tailor and The Cook, so it's good to see they pulled the number one spot. So, what do you think, does yelp have it pretty spot on?

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