Your home's first impression isn't made in the living room or the kitchen, but right at your front door. The color you choose for your entryway is like a sneak peek into your home's personality.

So what color's yours? Red? Blue? Green? Black? Natural wood finish? Believe it or not, New Yorkers have a preference on this seemingly ordinary subject.

The website Angi did some digging and put together a list of the top front door colors for each state. Because, why not? Even the mundane can be analyzed now, with data collected from search engines.

Before we reveal New York's favorite front door color, let's dive into what some of these colors may mean:


Red front doors have a rich history of symbolizing hospitality and safety, making them a popular choice for those wishing to exude a welcoming, sociable atmosphere. Red doors are typically found in southern states.


Blue comes in so many shades, and each one says something different about your home's vibe. Light blue is like chill beach vibes, deep navy is all about order, and royal blue? We don't know what that's screaming. Blue is the most prevalent door color in Connecticut and Louisiana.


Whether it's real wood or wood-look, these doors span from classy to rustic. If you're into them, you probably have a down-to-earth personality and don't hate camping. Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota and Oregon prefer it.


Just like an orange door, a sunny yellow front door makes a bold statement, but it's best to keep it contained to the door itself, unless you're all about that hippy life. You're likely an optimistic, vibrant person who people can only tolerate in spurts.


That would be black, which is also the most popular in 16 other states. Black is the ultimate classic choice, like that trusty black suit. Might have a few stains on it, but who can tell? A black front door pretty much works for any home style.

Check out Angi's map below:


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