The folks at BuzzFeed recently posted a piece claiming every U.S. state has its own signature dessert. According to the article, New York State's is...New York Cheesecake. Okay, but maybe WITHOUT the strawberries in the picture above.

In this spirit, we asked our Facebook Friends to nominate the top desserts in Central New York. Specific dessert items from specific restaurants and establishments. Desserts you'll go out of your way to enjoy. And believe me, we intend on traveling in order to sample every single one of the suggestions on this list.

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie (pictured along with a chocolate peanut butter shake) at Daddy Ed's in Mexico.
  • Halfmoon cookies from either Hemstrought's or Holland Farms.
  • Green Lakes Trading Post Apple Fritters at Geddes Bakery.
  • Homemade donuts at Forestport Diner.
  • Cannoli cake at Florentine's.
  • Lemon cookies at Bite.
  • Cannoli from Franco's.
  • Pizza fritte at the State Fair.

Come on. There HAVE to be some others. Send 'em in, Jerome.

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