Central New York has certainly seen its share of restaurants come and go. Some of those spots hold a special place in our gastronomic memory.

Whether it was a late night restaurant you couldn't wait to visit, or a great family spot everyone enjoyed eating at - those long-gone restaurants hold a special splace in yur heart.

So what are the Central New York restaurants you miss the most?

According to our own non-scientific study, these are the spots you wish you could visit one last time.

  • Hook, Line, and Sinker - New Hartford
  • Kirby's - New Hartford
  • Ruby Tuesday's - New Hartford
  • Ground Round - there was one in the Riverside Mall, and then later on Seneca Turnpike in New Hartford
  • Weathervane
  • Kewpee's - Oneida Square, Utica
  • Jack Appleseed's
  • Aylesbury Inn
  • Unwind Inn - Rome
  • Grimaldi's - Utica

Personally, I used to love both Grimaldi's and the salad bar in Ruby Tuesday's at Sangertown (unlimited chocolate pudding? Sign me up!)

Imagine bringing one of these back? Which restaurant would you choose? If there's one we missed, let me know at beth@lite987.com.

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