While Wendy's restaurants across the United States are removing burgers from their menus as a result of a nationwide meat shortage, local Wendy's restaurants don't appear to be among them.

We checked in with local Wendy's restaurants, and analysed their online menus. We can confirm, that as of right now, all still offer burgers.

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We did find out that double- and triple-stack burgers are not currently offered as part of the '4 for $4' meal deal, but you can still get a triple stack in the 'Biggie Bag'.

The meat shortage comes as Tyson Foods, the world's second largest food processor, announced its had to shut down half of its plants because workers were sickened by coronavirus. The shortage is driving meat prices up as well.

Nearly twenty percent of Wendy's restaurants across the United States, or 1,023 locations are out of beef. Most are located in Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee and New York - but apparently, not Central New York.

Let us know if you find a Wendy's locally that doesn't have burgers. Where's the beef?


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