Growing up in Western New York, a big running joke from out-of-towners, or really just those who have never even visited the area, was that there was nothing to do here.

That's been a stereotype of Buffalo and Western New York, but also, most of New York State. In actuality, most of New York is like most other states -- lots of farmland, fields, and country side. There are also many small towns that are scattered all over the state.

Are certain places more, well, boring than others though? Apparently there are some stats to back this up.

There's an algorithm that Road Snacks came up with to help determine which places were the most boring in all of New York State.

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Those factors include percentage of the population who is over 35 years old; percentage of married households; the average age of that given area; percentage of households with kids; percentage of those over 65; and just how many people overall live there. The higher those numbers are, other than the total population, means a worse score.

Only towns with at least 5,000 people counted.

Check out the top five below and check out the full rankings here.

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