Here's some rather tasty news: Subway's footlong magic isn't just confined to sandwiches anymore. Central New Yorkers can soon get a monstrous sub-shaped cookie to share with friends, or devour all their own.

Subway first tried this at a special pop-up event in Miami back in 2022 and it was apparently a big enough hit to roll out across the United States.

Their new ruler-length chocolate chip footlong cookie will be available nationwide beginning in January. But if you can't wait and happen to be in one of four select cities on National Cookie Day (Monday, December 4), you're in for a literal treat -- these monstrous cookies will be free.


Unfortunately the only New York location to offer the free version is downstate, at 545 8th Avenue in New York City. Chicago, Miami and Dallas will also be participating in the free footlong cookie giveaway for National Cookie Day.

But don't worry, Central New York: when the new footlong cookie officially launches in January, you should have no problem snagging one at one of the many locations throughout our area:


1262 Culver Ave
Utica, NY 13501
(315) 797-6979

1154 Mohawk Street
Utica, NY 13501
(315) 316-0863

184-186 N Genesee Street
Utica, NY 13502
(315) 733-0066

1701 Burrstone Road
New Hartford, NY 13413
(315 507-3522

3987 Oneida Street
New Hartford, NY 13413
(315) 316-1015

4765 Commercial Drive
New Hartford, NY 13413
(315) 737-4647

Sangertown Square
New Hartford, NY 13413
(315) 732-5635

8455 Seneca Turnpike
New Hartford, NY 13413
(315) 792-8900

131 Oriskany Blvd
Whitesboro, NY 13492
(315) 736-9458

32 College Street
Clinton, NY 13323
(315) 859-100

204 E Thomas Street
Rome, NY 13440
(315) 337-4866

1213 Erie Blvd W
Rome, NY 13440
(315) 339-7338

5815 Rome-Taberg Road
Rome, NY 13440
(315) 337-8700

Get ready to loosen those belts.

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