New York isn't known for its surplus of sunshine. In fact, several cities in New York often rank among the least sunny in all of America.

Let's get depressed and talk about those first. Compared to the national average, which is 205 sunny days annually, here are some gloomy statistics about cities in Upstate New York:

  • Binghamton: typically experiences 152 sunny days annually
  • Buffalo: typically experiences 155 sunny days annually
  • Utica: typically experiences 160 sunny days annually
  • Syracuse: typically experiences 163 sunny days annually
  • Rochester: typically experiences 165 sunny days annually

Gross, right? Well, we chose to live here, so I guess we gotta grin and bear it.

But there is one city in New York State that registers more than 200 sunny days annually:


The hamlet of Cutchogue, New York likes to boast the claim that it's the "sunniest spot in all of New York." Not all meteorologists agree that this is a quantifiable metric, so there is a minor degree of subjectivity here, but as it happens, when you Google "Cutchogue annual sunny days" the result is considerably higher than the above-mentioned cities: 205 sunny days annually.

For New York, you have to admit -- that's pretty good. That's more than a month's worth of extra sun than Utica gets.

Photo by Kamrul Hussain on Unsplash
Photo by Kamrul Hussain on Unsplash

So why is Cutchogue so sunny? One contributing factor is its geographical location. Nestled between Peconic Bay and Long Island Sound, it benefits from the tempering impact of these adjacent bodies of water. This means milder winters and warmer summers, which is the perfect recipe for more days of sunshine throughout the year.

Wanna move to Cutchogue? It'll cost you. The median household income there is $46,140, compared to Utica's $23,362.

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