If you love food, your time is coming up soon. And this one could be your LAST meal.

It's less than a month until the Great New York State Fair, slated to run from August 21 - September 2 in 2019, the Fair. One food vendor, Fried Specialties--which has famously sold the Defibrillator, the Heart Attack, and the New York Harvester--is back this year with another heart-stopping meal. It's called the Sudden Death. And it's one of TWO new items Fried Specialties is serving up this year.

The Sudden Death is two hamburgers, jammed with macaroni and cheese, garnished with pork belly and jalapenos, and wrapped in bacon, then the whole schmeer is deep-fried. Oh, and just in case you're underwhelmed, it also comes with a side of either melted cheddar cheese or spicy habanero sauce. It's expected to retail for about $12 (and maybe a little extra in medical costs?)

The second new item, the Breakfast Burger, comes with sausage, bacon, ham, eggs and hash browns. The longtime State Fair vendor will also have Deep-Fried Banana Bread for dessert.

Fried Specialties has developed a reputation for this stuff. They also introduced artery-clogging masterpieces like The Defibrillator (a burger INSIDE a grilled cheese sandwich), the Thanksgiving-themed New York Harvester, and the Heart Attack hot dog, with chili, cheddar cheese, bacon and... chocolate sauce.

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