Are you sick of getting election text messages, or any political text messages, this election season? Here's how to get ride of them or turn them off.

Honestly, I've received so many in the past three weeks, it drives me insane. Some of the numbers claim to be from a 315 area code, so I always read them. A lot of them are 855 though.

WKTV reports that these text messages are legal, and don't break any rules:

"It is legal, it's essentially covered under the Do Not Call Registry," said John Conklin, director of public information for the state board of elections. "Political calls are specifically excluded from the Do Not Call Registry, which means that they are allowed.""

So, how do you make them stop?

Voters can simply reply to the message but texting the word "Stop" and the messages should end. You can also file a complaint with the New York State Board of Elections by emailing

How did they get your number if you didn't sign up for them?

If you ever put a cell phone number on voter registration, it's possible these campaigns got them from public record. Or if you ever filled out forms for a store loyalty program or any type of application, that information can sometimes be sold to third parties.

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