Film critics often aren't very kind to horror movies. And certainly this was true of Siskel & Ebert, arguably the most famous critics in history. They very rarely -- if ever -- gave their iconic "two thumbs up" to films of the horror genre.

But occasionally, it did happen.

Chicago Tribune via Facebook
Chicago Tribune via Facebook

I occasionally find myself watching old Siskel & Ebert reviews on YouTube, for reasons I can't quite explain. It all began with my curiosity about their opinions on my favorite film, "The Big Lebowski" from 1998 (they had differing views). But then, I got drawn into a rabbit hole of more Siskel & Ebert videos, such as "Siskel & Ebert's Best of 1992" and "Siskel & Ebert's Worst of 1995," and so on.

Some might find that odd, considering both critics passed away some time ago -- Gene Siskel in 1999, and Roger Ebert in 2013.

Why do I find them so compelling all these years later?


I don't really know. But I do know these two guys had a nationally syndicated TV show for a reason. They were smart, insightful, and had the capacity to be pretty funny at times. When they disagreed, it was particularly entertaining. There was just something about their back-and-forth dynamic that worked. Lord knows I didn't agree with them half the time, but that wasn't really the point of watching them.

Since it's late October and much of America is in scary movie season, I decided to look at some classic horror movies that Siskel & Ebert actually liked:

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