Don't ask me why, but I've been going down a pretty deep YouTube rabbit hole of old Siskel & Ebert reviews.

It started when I became curious about what the two critics thought of my favorite movie, 1998's The Big Lebowski (they were split). But then I just started clicking on more and more Siskel & Ebert videos. "Siskel & Ebert's Best of 1992," "Siskel & Ebert's Worst of 1995", etc.

I couldn't stop.

Chicago Tribune via Facebook
Chicago Tribune via Facebook

Obviously, they're both dead. Gene Siskel died in 1999 and Roger Ebert died in 2013. So what exactly was my fascination with two dead film critics?

I don't really know. But I do know these two guys had a nationally syndicated TV show for a reason. They were smart, insightful, and very funny. When they disagreed, it was particularly entertaining. There was just something about their back-and-forth dynamic that worked. Lord knows I didn't agree with them half the time, but that wasn't really the point of watching them.

Chicago Sun-Times via Facebook
Chicago Sun-Times via Facebook

Today I started thinking, "I wonder if there's any content here," so that brings me to this post: How did Siskel & Ebert review some of the most iconic New York movies of all time?

Let's take a look:

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