There are some that view their cars as more than just a motor vehicle -- it's also a vehicle for self-expression. We've all seen those cars plastered with dozens of bumper stickers. Some people take it one step further with a personalized vanity plate.

Ever since the "Assman" episode of Seinfeld, I've been fascinated with personalized license plates. Some plates offer a glimpse into the person's personality, whether it be a hobby they enjoy, something about their chosen profession, or a tribute to the type of car they're driving.


I recently spotted a particularly head-scratching plate out in the wild. It was just a single letter. Take a look:

Will Phillips
Will Phillips

I'll admit, it's eye-catching, and definitely makes you wonder. What could the "F" stand for? My mind immediately goes to the expletive, but maybe it has nothing to do with that? I couldn't even begin to guess. You gotta tip your cap, though... as a standalone, "F" is probably the funniest letter in the alphabet -- or at least in the top 5. Maybe it stands for "Funny"? Again... hard to say without asking. And because I snapped this photo while driving, I was unable to get an answer from the owner.

If you're interested in ordering a personalized license plate yourself, you can plug your idea into their website to see if it's taken or not.

Want something particularly weird? Below are a whole slew of wacky ones that are currently available... if you're brave:

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