New York State Troopers recently nabbed a person trying to pass off a fake inspection sticker on his car. This happens more often than you think in New York, but this is probably the first one with an excuse:

Sorry life sux. Insufficient funds & a baby.


New York State Police via Facebook
New York State Police via Facebook

Police did not reveal the identity of the driver, who was caught in New York's Southern Tier. According to their original Facebook post:

Troopers at SP Endwell were conducting another investigation when they caught something off about this inspection sticker...

The false sticker shows a crudely-cut yellow square scribbled with black Sharpie. Where "SAFETY/EMISSIONS INSPECTION CERTIFICATE" is normally written, the driver has instead filled it in with the "SORRY LIFE SUX" excuse. A skull and crossbones were also drawn.

I'm not saying I condone cars driving illegally without inspection, but why not make all the NYS inspection stickers say that? It's kind of better, no. At least it's more entertaining. Maybe each year the sticker has a new excuse. Maybe 2024's will be green with "GETS WORSE EVERYDAY. WIFE LEFT AND TOOK HALF MY MONEY."

This is certainly not the first time someone has been caught driving with a fake New York State inspection sticker. Back in July, someone was caught with one made with even less effort.

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