An intense rivalry has bubbled over between an Upstate New York wedding venue and a woman who lives just 500 feet away.

Christine Buff of Skaneateles says the Sinclair wedding venue -- which is booked nearly every weekend -- is ruining her peace and quiet. She's retaliated with loud tactics of her own, blaring AC/DC's "Highway to Hell", roosters crowing, and the brooding theme from Steven Spielberg's Jaws.

Sinclair of Skaneateles via Facebook
Sinclair of Skaneateles via Facebook

The feud has gotten so heated that its found its way to New York state's Supreme Court. In an effort to halt the woman's disruptive actions aimed at interfering with weddings, the Sinclair wedding venue is seeking a court order, as well as an undisclosed monetary sum for defamation.

In an interview with a local news outlet, Buff said:

Not only do we hear them in our backyard, on our screened-in back porch, but inside our home, over window air conditioner and over TV.

The Sinclair of Skaneateles is an old chair factory that was completely renovated as an event space several years ago. Before it was purchased and transformed, the owners gathered signatures from townsfolk to make sure everyone was on board. Buff said she originally had no qualms, and signed the petition.

Sinclair of Skaneateles via Facebook
Sinclair of Skaneateles via Facebook

Buff says because she's a disabled veteran, the noisy venue has made it impossible to meditate, something recommended by counselors to relieve her PTSD.

What do you think... does this woman have just cause for being angry with a place that's become an important part of the local economy?

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