A random act of kindness can go a long way. This one went from a student helping another who was being bullied to the Buffalo Bills stepping up too.

Mello, who is a 7th grader at Buffalo Creek Academy, was tired of seeing other students pick on a smaller kid named Melvin about his shoes. So he used his allowance and bought Melvin a new pair of Nike shoes. "This is what I live for, to be that helping hand," Bryant Brown Jr. the program coordinator at the school shared on Facebook.

Credit - Bryant Brown Jr via Facebook
Credit - Bryant Brown Jr via Facebook

Viral Kindness

Mello's kindness quickly went viral. First in Buffalo and then nationwide. “It was a kind gesture that I haven’t seen ever in my life," Bryant told the Today show. "I see acts of kindness with students all around this world, but for it to happen at Buffalo Creek, I was lost for words.”

Buffalo Bills Step Up

The Buffalo Bill got wind of Mello's sweet gesture. Running back Taiwan Jones stopped by the school to give both Mello and Melvin some gifts and tickets to a game.

Dakarai Singletary, founder of Candles in the S.U.N, a non-profit organization dedication to making their neighborhoods a better place, shared the good news on social media.

S/o to the Bills, Taiwan Jones, Shannon Cercone for making it happen, Mello for being an amazing young man, his mother Anita for raising such a great young man, Mr. Brown for bringing light to this situation and Melvin for being such a humble young man! I’ll see you fellas in a few weeks for the Bills game #SaveUrNeighborhood

Credit - Dakarai Singletary via Facebook
Credit - Dakarai Singletary via Facebook

Spread Kindness

Everyone touched by this random act of kindness is hoping it spreads, including Mello who is wants people treat each other the way they want to be treated. "Because God always gives back for good deeds."

Amen Mello. Amen!

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