It isn't every day that a fire system goes off at a gas station, but, when it does it can be quite scary. Take a look at one that did go off in Syracuse over the weekend.

When a fire suppression system does go off at a gas station, it can certainly shock you. They are very loud, almost sounding like a gunshot. With that said, if you aren't looking directly at the fuel pumps, it can be very startling. That is only one portion of the startling aspect though. After the loud bang of the system enacting, you will see massive plumes of white smoke like the video below shows.

As you see in the video from News 10, the woman had quite a worried look on her face as this happened. Quickly she stopped what she was doing and backed up and eventually hurried out of the way of the smoke headed her way. That smoke actually is a dry chemical that is forcibly dropped from above onto the entire fuel pump area. According to Impact Fire, the chemical used in these systems is not harmful to humans.

So, why did this happen at the Mobil on the corner of James and Stafford? At the moment, we aren't too sure. We have reached out to the Syracuse Police Department and Fire Department for comment, but haven't received a response yet. We will update this story as more information comes in. What is known is that one person was helped on the scene and fire and police responded to the incident.

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