Odds are you've seen and loved this television show. Now it will be coming to Syracuse and keep you on the edge of your seat guessing the entire time.

The Masked Singer debuted on FOX in 2019 and very quickly became an appointment tv show, leaving you with cliffhangers from episode to episode. With celebrities like Nick Lachey, LeAnn Rimes, Wayne Brady, and then some winning in the past, who will be coming to Syracuse?

That is a question we really wish we had an answer to, but that would make it a bummer knowing, right? What we do know is the show will feature someone who is local to Syracuse as a masked singer. One local celebrity will be in costume and have you wondering who they are. With so many famous people who have called Syracuse home, it really could be anyone.

This will be the first time the national TV show is hitting the road, with one and only one show hitting this portion of New York. That will be on June 13th, 2022, at the Landmark Theatre. If you were wondering, that is a Monday. If you have a mega Masked Singer fan on your Christmas list, this is a perfect present for them.

Tickets will be going on sale in only a few days, Wednesday, November 3rd at 12 Noon through Ticketmaster. If you want in on a pre-sale, that is currently going on until Noon on Wednesday if you're an American Express cardmember.

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