Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not a mirage.  When you open up the sports page; or more likely the sports webpage, or maybe your favorite sports app, to glance at the NHL standings today, you may still be in shock to find that the Buffalo Sabres are still sitting near the top of the standings.  The team currently sports a 5-2-1 mark, which nets them 11 points and is good enough for 5th place in the Eastern Conference.  Playoffs here we come! I mean, what kind of bizarro world is it that we are living in?  It seems that over the last decade, the team has continually found a way to break our hearts. But this year, at least for now, is looking a little bit different.

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It’s been since the 2010-2011 season since The Sabres last made the playoffs, so seeing them sitting this high in the standings is, well kind of rare in these parts.

The thing is, with the team actually playing well, the online bashing of the team has kind of simmered down for the time being.  Sabres Twitter has been very positive of late, which is a welcome change of pace.

So, the eternal pessimist in me had to see what the world was complaining about.  And it turns out, that there are folks online that just can’t stand the Sabres home arena.  Now, we all know that it isn’t the top of the line as far as NHL arenas go, but there are far worse places to see a game. But alas, people have voiced their disgust online.  From complaints about the food, the parking, to taking away one’s freedom to choose, here are 12 scathing reviews of the home of the Sabres.

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