For better or worse, french fries are a staple in American diets. Now, a professor has determined the ideal serving size.

You can get some pretty amazing french fries in Central New York. The New York State Fair practically specializes in deep fried food. Now there's some bad news for those of us who really want fries with...everything.

Eric Rimm, a Harvard University professor of nutrition and epidemiology says french fries - in spite of being a vegetable - aren't good for you. It turns out that when you take all that starch, fry it, and cover it in salt - it's not so healthy.

The New York Times shares the results of a study that was published that looked at the impact of foods like french fries on mortality: "The study found that, controlling for other risk factors, participants who ate fried potatoes two to three times a week were at a higher risk of mortality compared with those who ate unfried potatoes."

That's not good. 

So what's a "safe" serving of french fries? (Probably more than I just ate with my lunch.)

According to Professor Timm: SIX FRENCH FRIES. Yes, six. 

I'm not trying to be dramatic - but what is even the point of eating six fries. That's like having one Pringle. Or one chocolate chip - it's torture - it's not even fun.

What do you think? Are you going to stop eating fries? Or eat just a serving? 


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