The Salvation Army in Herkimer is looking for help filling the shelves of it's food pantry. Are you able to help?

The Salvation Army in Herkimer's food pantry consistently serves around 150 families each month. That adds up to around 350 people. Currently, The Salvation Army will accept any donations, but they are looking specifically for financial contributions:

"Any money that comes here goes a lot farther, we can get a lot more for a buck here, we can also purchase things that we actually need to fill our shelves, we have control over the items that we get, good protein items, different kinds of meats and cheeses and a lot of these things we cant get through donations," Paul Frezza, a volunteer said.

The food pantry will never turn down food donations, but they ask if you are going to donate food, please make sure it isn't old or out of date.

Donations and financial contributions can be made at The Salvation Army at 431 N. Prospect Street in Herkimer.


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