With their propensity to simultaneously shock and entertain, rock music and horror movies go together perfectly. In the below gallery, you'll read about 68 horror films where musicians have branched out into acting.

Chronicling the credits of rock, metal, pop and punk musicians in horror flicks over the years is a daunting task, and they range from starring roles to cameos to being the band in a scene where something bad is about to go down. It's also produced a long list of movies featuring mega-stars like Alice Cooper, David Bowie and Roger Daltrey, as well as an off-putting performance by Tiny Tim in the psychotronic 1987 slasher Blood Harvest. Perhaps not surprisingly, Cooper has acted in more than his share, but so have Meat Loaf, Tom Waits and punk icon Henry Rollins.

Ozzy Osbourne is the only member of Black Sabbath to have appeared in a horror film, but the band's name was inspired by Italian gore-master Mario Bava and his 1963 film of the same name. Not long after this monumental marriage of horror and heavy metal, a distinct pattern would start to arise within the horror genre, beginning in 1972 with Kenneth Anger's cinematic nuclear bomb, Lucifer Rising.

Even though he was uncredited, you may know that a 28-year-old Jimmy Page appeared in the film as "Man with Beard holding Stele of Revealing"; Marianne Faithfull and Mick Jagger's younger brother, actor, writer and musician Chris Jagger were in it too. Page and Faithfull's appearance in Anger's film marked the first time rock musicians lent their talents to a horror film. And many, many more would follow in their footsteps.

Our list of 68 Horror Films Featuring Rock Stars starts chronologically with Harry Nilsson, Keith Moon of the Who, Ringo Starr, John Bonham, Peter Frampton and Leon Russell, all of whom appeared in 1974's Son of Dracula.

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