Sad news for craft beer enthusiasts in Central New York: A popular taproom that first opened in 2016 is set to pour its last pint.

On Tuesday, Oct. 10th, Full Boar Craft Brewery and Taproom announced on social media that the North Syracuse establishment will cease operations on Nov. 22nd. Its last day coincides with the brewery's current lease expiring.

Full Boar owners Eric Petranchuk and David Marchant said on Facebook:

In our final month we invite you to come have one last beer with us and celebrate the legacy of Full Boar. Use your gift cards, grab some Full Boar merchandise, and share your favorite memories of the brewery. ... In the words of the Dropkick Murphys, we are ‘going out in style!’

Full Boar Craft Brewery and Tap Room via Facebook
Full Boar Craft Brewery and Tap Room via Facebook

First launching its venture in 2016 amidst the height of the craft beer boom, Full Boar, located at the south end of a shopping plaza at 628 S. Main Street, quickly became a cherished community hub with a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere. It routinely offered live music, trivia nights and an array of public and private events.

It wasn’t an easy decision or one that was made lightly, but we both agree that it is time.

Full Boar Craft Brewery and Tap Room via Facebook
Full Boar Craft Brewery and Tap Room via Facebook






The lingering effects of New York's COVID restrictions continue to impact the brewery landscape, with the number of breweries in Upstate New York slowly diminishing. In 2020, another craft brewery in Syracuse, IBU Brewery, sadly closed its doors.

Full Boar will not go quietly during its final days, however, as it intends to bid farewell to its customers with a raucous Halloween party on Saturday, Oct. 14th.

For further details on Full Boar's final days, visit their official Facebook page.

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