After serving customers on West Albany Street for the past several decades, a Herkimer chain restaurant is reportedly closing its doors for good.


Several locals had reportedly contacted a local news outlet over rumors that Herkimer's Pizza Hut was closing. When contacted, employees said their last day open would be Wednesday, July 12th. 

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It's a surprising turn of events for stuffed crust, breadsticks and personal pan fans. For years, the Pizza Hut on West Albany Street has been a go-to destination for families looking for that familiar style of pizza that only The Hut can provide. The classic red-roofed building often invoked feelings of nostalgia in addition to serving up greasy pizza goodness.

The sudden closure has left many Herkimer residents wondering about the circumstances behind it. Calls to Pizza Hut's corporate offices were not immediately returned.


The first Pizza Hut opened in Wichita, Kansas in 1958. With its diverse menu, memorable dining ambiance, and innovative twists on pizza, it gradually became one of the largest pizza restaurant chains in the United States. For children of the '80s and '90s, Pizza Hut wasn't just a destination, it was an event. But in more recent years, the chain has experienced some challenges as consumer preferences continue to evolve.

Residents of Herkimer looking to scratch that Pizza Hut itch will now have to travel outside the village to scratch it. The Pizza Hut on Seneca Turnpike in New Hartford is still open for business, as of this writing.

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