The Oneida County Democrats have announced their lineup of endorsed candidates for the November general election, according to spokesperson Darby O'Brien.

The local Democrats named candidates for United States Congress, Judgeships, New York State Senate, New York State Assembly, Oneida County Sheriff and Oneida County Clerk.

“We were excited to endorse these candidates and present them to the public.  Each individual brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise," said Democratic Committee Chair Mitchell Ford. "They will represent their constituents in a manner that exemplifies the democratic values of our community and country,” he said.

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Following the controversial redistricted maps that came out of the legislature in Albany that split up the county for some state and federal offices, Democrats needed to endorse a larger collection of candidates. For example, Democrats needed to endorse two Democrats for Congress in the 19th and 21st Congressional district. Dems also needed to add another district nomination for the New York State Senate District 55.

Here's the list of Democrats that the county committee endorsed:

·      Congressman Antonio Delgado for US Congressional District NY-19

·      Matt Castelli for US Congressional District NY-21

·      Judge David Murad for Supreme Court Justice, NYS 5th Judicial District

·      John Dillon for Supreme Court Justice, NYS 5th Judicial District

·      Senator Rachel May for NYS Senate District 55

·      Wil Fiacco for NYS Assembly District 117

·      Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon for NYS Assembly District 119

·      Dan Buttermann for NYS Assembly District 122

·      Sheriff Rob Maciol for Oneida County Sheriff

·      Merima Smajic for Oneida County Clerk

Election Day is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, of this year.

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