This summer we may see cooler than normal temperatures, lots of rain and maybe even a hurricane in Central New York.

The Old Farmer's Almanac predicts summer temperatures will be slightly cooler than normal, with above-normal rainfall. It'll still be warm though. But we may have to wait until almost July. "The hottest periods will be in late June, early to mid-July, and early August."

August may bring storms that The Old Farmer's Almanac says could even produce a hurricane. "Watch for a hurricane in early to mid-August."

May Outlook

May 1-3 Sunny, cool
May 4-7 T-storms, cool
May 8-15 Rainy periods, warm, then cool
May 16-24 Isolated t-storms, turning warm
May 25-31 Sunny, warm

Don't expect summer to hang around too long this year. The Old Farmer's Almanac says September and October will be cooler and rainier than normal.

The Old Farmer's Almanac prediction isn't quite the same at the 2021 Farmer's Almanac, which calls for steamy summer weather.

Farmer's Almanac

The 2021 Farmer's Almanac predicts June to September will be "ice cream melting and thunder filled." The forecast calls for steamy, yet stormy conditions. Peter Geiger, Philom of the Farmer's Almanac says while thunderstorms are quite common, "Many of these storms could prove to be quite strong, particularly over the eastern third of the nation."

The forecast does specifically call for most of the rain to occur in the Northeast region in the beginning of the season, but it will be sizzling by mid to late summer.

Whatever Mother Nature throws at us this summer, let's just hope we can all find time to enjoy the shortest season in Central New York.

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