We have gotten a little break from the plastic bag ban, but that will change in October.

You have probably noticed over the last few months plastic bags have still been available wherever you go grocery shopping. That will change in a few weeks.

According to New York Upstate (NYUP), the state's plastic bag ban will be going back into effect in a month. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation will start enforcing the ban on October 19th. The ban will apply to "single-use bags: you usually see in the supermarket. In fact, many stores have already moved on from plastic. For example, I shop at Home Depot a lot, and they have only been offering paper bags for a while now. NYUP says the bag ban initially went into effect March 1st, but a lawsuit (Which has since been resolved) put the ban on hold.

Now through this all, there has been some confusion regarding the bag ban and shoppers being informed on it. But ultimately it comes down to this: the first time you go to a store and they do not have plastic bags, we will all figure out pretty quickly you have to bring bags or pay a few cents for paper. One trip to the supermarket and the confusion will be solved!

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