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When it was first announced back in 2021 that Chick-fil-A was coming to revamped NYS thruway rest stops, people were divided. Sure, they make a slightly-above-average chicken sandwich. That much is true. But the Atlanta-based chain has also been haunted by past anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments, including donations made to groups fighting protective LGBTQ legislation.

But my gripe isn't even about that. Shelving all the LGBTQ stuff for a second, New York overlooked another major issue when it comes to putting Chick-fil-As in thruway rest stops...


Chick-fil-A is famously closed on Sundays. This isn't a huge issue, in and of itself. But what sense does it make to put a restaurant that's closed on Sunday inside establishments that cater to travelers? Sunday is the biggest travel day of the week! People are coming back from weekend getaways. They're hungry and need a quick bite on their way home. So they stop at a thruway rest stop, only to find that its anchor food option... isn't even operating!


Say what you will about McDonald's, but at least they were always open!


NY State Thruway - New Baltimore Travel Plaza

Mile Post 127 North & South
NY State Thruway
Hannacroix, NY 12087

NY State Thruway - Plattekill Travel Plaza

Mile Post 65 North
NY State Thruway
Plattekill, NY 12589

NY State Thruway - Iroquois Travel Plaza

2576 State Route 5S
NY State Thruway
Little Falls, NY 13365

NY State Thruway - Clifton Springs Travel Plaza

State Route 96
NY State Thruway
Clifton Springs, NY 14432

NY State Thruway - Chittenango Travel Plaza

2188 Tag Road
NY State Thruway
Chittenango, NY 13037

NY State Thruway - Ardsley Travel Plaza

Mile 6
NY State Thruway
Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706

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