The cost to save your sole is not cheap.

A lot of people wish that they could be more like Jesus. You may not be able to turn water into wine, feed 5,000 people or rise from the dead but a company from right here in New York has now made it possible to walk on water.

I'm happy to report that this Halloween you'll be able to round house kick a vampire right in the face with these new shoes offered by Brooklyn's own MSCHF.

According to People, the shoes are revamped 97 Air Max sneakers that are equipped with a crucifix, a bible verse from the book of Matthew and a even a red dot on the tongue to symbolize a drop of blood but wait there's more. The inside of the shoe smells like frankincense.

The shoes are currently sold out but originally sold for just over $1,400.

These shoes may sound like a joke but they're absolutely real. They're Admittedly a dig on collab culture in the shoe industry.

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