The last time a small earthquake hit Northern New York, I was lying on my back deck tanning in a bathing suit and thought to myself "weird, why did my butt just jiggle".  I picked my head up, looked around, and then put my head back down.  True story.

Little did I know it was even an earthquake, until I turned on the evening news.  Though me and earthquakes don't do well.  I've never been in a big one, they're probably my biggest fear though.  I lived in fear when I spent some years out in Utah, living right on the Wasatch Fault Line.  Everywhere I looked, I would see an earthquake hazard- a street light that could fall on me, a bookcase that would crush me.  Totally logical and reasonable, right?

Anyways, recently a minor earthquake hit Northern New York again.  By minor, it was only 3.3 in magnitude.  WCAX reported that while it impacted northern New York, it really hit just above the Canadian border.  It hit at 5:38 am yesterday, and there's actually a map with the location and more impact info at if you want to check it out.  According to them, apparently over 400 people submitted reports to the U.S. Geological Survey about the earthquake.  So I want to know- maybe you were up north and felt it?  Have you experienced an earthquake in New York?  Spill the beans, me and my fear of earthquakes wants to know.

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