In New York state, the most popular Halloween candy is something you would not expect.

Maybe you think it would be candy corn. Or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Or a candy bar of some sort. But, nope. Not in the state of New York. We apparently like something with a little more kick. has ranked the top Halloween candies by state, and in the state of New York the #1 candy is Hot Tamales. Maybe I am out of the Hot Tamale loop as I found this one surprising. I have never tried a Hot Tamale in my life. And the idea of a candy with a cinnamon kick just doesn't appeal to me. But apparently, I am in the minority here in the Empire State. Sour Patch Kids came in at #2 and Candy Corn #3 on the New York list. Candy Corn was actually #1 last year on this list, so maybe this is just a one hit wonder for the Hot Tamale.

Either way, I gotta try some Tamales this year to see if I am missing out. But wil be be better than a peanut butter cup or a Kit Kat? I highly doubt it. Happy Halloween!

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