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Gambling has long been a vice in the eyes of the general people. Of course, movies have played their role in setting the record straight, but not in a good way. Thankfully, the perception is changing worldwide as more countries are legalizing gambling thanks to its tax benefits.

New York, however, is yet to budge. Unless you’re willing to drive through Manhattan traffic to a casino, or worse, take a taxi, the only type of online gambling you can do is at sweepstakes casinos. Thus when in the gaming mood, you still have options. You can try out playing in Juwa Casino, for instance; it’s quite a good one for you.

Then again, if you have to spend the weekend watching movies about gambling, we’ve got you covered too! Here are the top 5 movies based on gambling with a knack for crime.

5 Movies Based on Gambling with a Twist of Crime

Cinema and New York have a history that dates back centuries. Different forms of gambling have also been featured in pop culture. Here are our top 5 picks that you can watch this weekend. Of course, you may have already watched some of them. But these are classics, and it never hurts if you watch them more than once.


Of course, no list of gambling-focused movies can start without Casino. Although the plot of the movie is set in Las Vegas, it’s inspired by New York crime reporter Nicholas Pileggi’s Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas.

The director Martin Scorsese along with veteran actors Rober De Niro, Joe Pesci, Frank Vincent, and Sharon Stone, have flawlessly depicted mafia-associated casino culture in Vegas.


When gambling and movies are said in the same sentence, Rounders is one film that comes to mind immediately. Young Matt Damon and Edward Norton played the roles of debt-ridden youngsters who need to get their lives together. This could be an amazing ’90s flick for you as long as you get enough popcorn for the duration.

Ocean’s Eleven

Although it’s not your typical “gambling movie” per se, a big chunk of the screen time in Ocean’s Eleven covers casino floors. The charming George Clooney and his team of masterminds pull the biggest casino heist in history.

Of course, this turned into a franchise with 3 more films, Ocean’s 8 being the latest one. But the first movie still remains a fan favorite for its originality.

Uncut Gems

If you’re an avid lover of dark comedy with a flare of danger, Uncut Gems could be a real gem for you. Mr. Sandler gets out of his usual goofy character and plays the role of a stressed-out jeweler perfectly.

In case you’re wondering where gambling comes into play, the whole movie is based on it! See, Howard Ratner places a massive bet on the 76ers winning the game, and the rest of the story falls in place.


Yet another hidden gem among all the mainstream gambling-themed movies. This 1998/1999 title is currently sitting at a 7/10 IMDb rating. One of the main reasons this did not blow up is the cast. Clive Owen played the main protagonist Jack Manfred, accompanied by Mike Hodges, Nick Reading, and Gina McKee.

The story starts when the struggling writer takes a job as a casino croupier out of desperation. He meets a struggling gambler and they both plan the PERFECT casino heist.

Wrapping Up

Cinema is perhaps the best medium to depict creativity without any real consequences. The gambling-themed movies you see listed on this page go to show how diverse the culture across America is. And if you look deep enough, you’ll find plenty of movies that take place right in the heart of New York.

If you or anyone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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