I never really had a problem driving in the snow but that could be because I'm a December baby and lived in the country which meant getting my license in the winter.

I remember the day after I officially became a licensed driver, we had 6 inches of snow fall.  I begged my dad to let me drive to the store to get milk.  My first day on the road, alone, in a rear wheel drive car with 6 inches of snow on the road.  He agreed and said, "you need to learn sometime."

I did OK and have never really had a problem.

I moved to Missouri and was one of only a few drivers that could get around with more than a few inches of snow on the ground.

Driving in New York State when there is snow on the ground is way more stressful that it should be for me but at least I now know why.

According to the U.S. Dept of Transportaion, New York State ranks number 3 with the worst winter drivers in the country.

With an average of 29 winter related accidents alone, NY is only beat by Pennsylvania and Michigan.

A recent article written in Money Geek that was advise gathered from insurance companies, explains how to avoid and spot winter driving dangers.

One good take on this is that we are better than PA.

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