Police in New York revealed to use some of the new sneaky tricks they use to catch speeding drivers.

New York State Police are reminding drivers how important it is to slow down and move over in construction zones.

New York State Department of Transportation

Police and the New York State DOT shared photos of cops in disguise cracking down on speeding drivers.

Under "Operation Hardhat" State Troopers are present within the work zones, dressed as highway maintenance workers, to identify motorists who disobey flagging personnel, speed through the work zone or violate the state's Move Over Law, which applies to both emergency and maintenance vehicles.

New York State Department of Transportation

"Every person working on the road deserves to get back home safely!!," New York State Police wrote on Facebook.

New York State Police

"Operation Hardhat" typically starts in July and runs through November.

New York State Police

In July, the New York State DOT shared a photo of Operation Hardhat" in action with a police officer pointing his radar at speeding drivers from the back of a truck.

New York State Department of Transportation

This week, New York State Police shared a photo of a cop disguised as a construction worker on a highway pointing his radar at cars.

New York State Police

On Thursday, New York State Police ticketed 19 drivers for speeding through an active work zone on Interstate 81 in Binghamton

New York State Police

Police issued 1,779 tickets during Operation Hardhat 2020, the number of violations issued was 69.8 percent higher than the 1,048 tickets issued by State Troopers during all of 2019's Operation Hard Hat.

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