Spend anytime fishing and you'll learn there are good days and bad days. For a Gosport, NY man there were back to back great days as he landed the biggest White Bass in state history. But he has caught bigger and has the photo evidence to prove it.

The DEC says the official state record for White Bass now stands at 3 lb 8 oz. Morgan Fonzi made the catch on the Lower Niagara River near Lewiston in early May while fishing with his father. What makes this story even more remarkable was he caught two bigger ones the day before, but didn't realize they were state record worthy. And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here is the official state record catch.

Different Name

Here is the previous days catch

White Bass 2

The history books will show Morgan Fonzi landed the state record White Bass on May 6 at 3 lb 8 oz. But we see the evidence he land two bigger ones on May 5. And for the inquiring minds want to know, he used a 5/8 oz. gold bait.

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