When you drive down the thruway in New York you're bound to see things across the route that make you question "What in the world" is going on. In Amsterdam, there is a Volkswagen Bug on a smokestack.

The Bugs Orgins

The Walter Elwood Museum in Amsterdam reports that the bug has been up on a smokestack for over 40 years. The smokestack is located at the former location of Dudka’s Garage and Junkyard on Rt. 30. The smokestack belonged to a carpet manufacturer, and not the garage itself. This business is gone, but clearly not forgotten.

The bug went up about forty years ago or so and was a way for auto repair shop owner Gary Dudka to attract a little bit of extra attention to his business.


More History

The little red car seems undamaged from a distance away, and allegedly might still work.....well that's the running joke for locals. There is little information available online as to the exact date the car got up there, or even how it was placed up there. Currently the car is a favorite with crows who flock to it each and every year.


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Where To Find It

If you'd like to drive by the building in person to take photos, you can put this address on your GPS or Google: 5 Ann Street, Amsterdam, NY.


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