If you’re looking for new Asian dining options in the City of Utica, the wait is almost over.

Coming up between April or May, a new Asian café is opening up called Nanabi Café. At the time of this story it is still undergoing renovations. The restaurant is being branded as “Comfort Asian food with a modern twist.”

“It will have comfort Japanese, Korean and Asian fusion food with a "modern twist" inspired by popular dishes combined with Asian street food.

According to the Utica OD, the menu will consist of mostly takeout bento boxes. These will be made to order for you. For those that don’t know, those are traditional Japanese boxed meals. You will find inside that you will have a main dish, an appetizer and side dishes. So far the options released are that people can choose rice bowls, Korean buns, takoyaki or octopus dumplings, miso soup, aji fry or fried fish, sweet potato fries and fried rice among others. The restaurant also will have different sauces made in-house.

Nanabi Cafe will also bring the popular boba tea or bubble tea with chewy tapioca balls. These will come in dairy and nondairy forms.

Pyait Kyaw is the owner, and he’s excited to serve this new comfort food to the region. Again, it looks like the restaurant will open either in April or May of 2022. Once we know more info, we will update this story  with more information. You can follow them on Facebook to preview some menu items now. You will be able to find them at 106 Bleecker Street, Utica, NY.

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