It's May the 4th --- Star Wars Day! A media franchise so popular, it gets its own day... is there anything more popular worldwide?

When you think about the films, the books, the toys, the video games, the amusement park rides... when you think about the sheer magnitude of the cultural footprint Star Wars has left on the human race, one might argue that it's more important than Shakespeare. Plus, I don't think Shakespeare had action figures. If he did, I doubt Hamlet had numerous points of articulation, or said one of his witty catchphrases when you pulled a string on his back.

Build-up Begins For The European Premiere Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
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When the original Star Wars dropped in 1977, who could possibly know how many collectibles it would spawn? Kenner would famously win the contract to make the first toys, and now those toys -- especially if in the original packaging -- are more valuable than gold.

And that's what makes something valuable, isn't it? The very idea that it won't be valuable in the future, so either not a lot get made, or stuff gets thrown out over time. Do you know how many Star Wars action figure accessories got lost to Mom's vacuum in the '70s and '80s? The vacuum cleaner was like the Sarlaac Pit for Star Wars weapons. Now those little tiny plastic weapons ALONE can be worth $50 to $100.

Toys"R"Us Celebrates Force Friday With Out-Of-This-Galaxy Midnight Events
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eBay has made it easier than ever to track down some of the rarest Star Wars collectibles on the globe... maybe easier to find, but not necessarily cheaper to buy.

We decided to take a look at 9 of the most expensive Star Wars items being sold in Upstate New York on eBay right now:

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