Adam Coonradt is a firefighter from Troy but you might know him best as a champion of the History Channel's cutthroat competition, "Forged in Fire". This past Wednesday we saw Adam defeat his peers to win $10,000!
I recently spoke with Adam about his "Forged in Fire" experience and ended up learning quite a bit about the character of this Capital Region "smith". When I asked about his experience with the show, Adam stated:
""It was breathtaking and amazing! Once in a lifetime experience. I didn't do it for the money or fame. I did it because I found it something very interesting and to challenge myself. I'd give up the prize money if I could go back and shake the judges hands."
Due to strict COVID-19 rules, Adam was unable to take pictures with or shake the hands of the judges. He did express tremendous respect for the History Channel and the panel of judges. Nobody talked down to any of the contestants and were very supportive.
Adam sealed his victory months ago as his specific episode was filmed in November. He just couldn't tell anyone! Well, he wasn't supposed to but who wouldn't tell their immediate family? I would! Adam applied to be on the show in February of 2020 by June he learned he would be a contestant, after a series of interviews.
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Filming took place at Coonradt's home in Troy and in Connecticut over a 6 day period. So what will our champion do with the $10,000?
"Spend it on the family! I have a 14 year old and a 12 year old and I'd like a Clark Griswold type "Family Vacation". We will probably take a trip to Disney."
Adam started on a "stand by" list as the show films in Stamford, Connecticut and with Adam close by they knew he would be able to appear on short notice should a confirmed contestant dropped out for some reason. Turns out he was never called as a back up, he earned his own shot last fall.
Adams 2 kids are also what he describes as "makers" with the son focusing on woodworking and his daughter on jewelry design. This runs in the Coonradt family as his dad and grandfather were more than handy themselves. One of the highlights of the show for Adam was when his grandfather was able to visit the set.
Adam Coonsradt & Grandfather
Adam Coonsradt & Grandfather
Coonradt is a 4 year veteran of the Troy Fire Department and his fellow firemen have been very supportive. A few even attended his viewing party at Recovery Room in Troy. I had to ask which bands are his favorites. Maybe I'll play a few for him on Q1057. He has good taste as he identified Metallica, Nirvana, AC/DC and the Stones as favorites.
As for the $10,000, he said the check is literally in the mail.

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