What fireworks are legal and illegal in New York state? As the summer season and July 4th holiday approaches, here's the 411 on what fireworks you're allowed to buy and use in Oneida and surrounding counties.

The only fireworks you're legally permitted to set off without a permit or license in New York State are Sparkling Devices; ground-based or handheld devices that produce a shower of colored sparks and/or a colored flame, audible crackling or whistling noise and smoke.

Sparkling devices are not legal all across the state. Some counties have prohibited the sale and use - Albany, Bronx, Columbia, Kings, Nassau, New York, Orange (prohibited in the Cities of Middletown and Newburgh only), Queens, Richmond, Schenectady, Suffolk, and Westchester.

All other types of fireworks, including firecrackers, bottle rockets, roman candles, spinner, aerial devices, and M-80s are still illegal statewide.

The Utica Police Department asks residents to "please be respectful of your neighbors, as these devices can be dangerous and create a public nuisance. Also keep in mind that pets can be traumatized by the noise from these explosive devices."

If you're caught with illegal fireworks in New York State it could cost you a $1,000.00 fine and up to one year in jail.

See the full list of places where you can legally buy fireworks/sparkling device in New York state at dhses.ny.gov.

Want to see the bigger fireworks? There are several displays planned throughout central New York to celebrate Independence Day this year after all were canceled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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