Summer is on its way and so are those fun summer parties. One company is looking to crack down on your get-togethers this year.

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Last year, Airbnb implemented new measures during the 4th of July to try and stop the amount of unauthorized parties. The temporary system focused on blocking select one-night reservation requests and redirecting two-night reservations who didn't have a history of positive reviews.

Good news for Airbnb, the system worked! They say last years holiday weekend was quieter than years previous and they saw a major decrease in the amount of disruptive party reports. Seeing that success, the company is bringing it back.

vadimguzhva/Think Stock
vadimguzhva/Think Stock

The following restrictions and criteria will now be in effect for both Memorial Day weekend AND 4th of July weekend this year...

One-Night Reservations

Guests without a history of positive reviews are prohibited from these requests.

Two-Night Reservations

More stringent restrictions will be implemented as 4th of July approaches. This includes rejecting select local or last-minute bookings by guests with bad reviews.

Anti-Party Attestations

Guests will have to complete this form when making a local reservation. This is to attest they are aware Airbnb bans parties and breaking the rule makes guests subject to legal action.

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Airbnb does clarify that guests with a history of positive reviews will be EXEMPT from these restrictions. The measures are specifically made to target trends typically associated with unauthorized parties and disrespectful guests.

They are also promoting their Neighborhood Support Line. This system allows neighbors to flag Airbnb properties that look like they are having a party in real-time. The Support Line also has a 24/7 hotline available in the U.S.

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