Say goodbye to another family-run restaurant. A famous steakhouse that once had several locations in Central New York, is closing after more than 50 years, leaving just one restaurant remaining.

Kirby's Grill and Taphouse opened in October 1972 as Mr. Steak in Fayetteville, New York. On Sunday, October 9 the steakhouse will close for good after serving the community for over 5 decades. The sad announcement was shared on Facebook.

We would like to thank our many friends that have come through our doors. Most of all we would like to thank the many staff members, past and present who have contributed to the success of the restaurant.

Credit - Kirby's via Facebook
Credit - Kirby's via Facebook

Three Locations

Kirby's once had three locations. One on Commercial Drive in Yorkville. That restaurant closed in 2018 and is now a parking lot for a car dealership. Another is on West Genesee Street in Syracuse, and the good news is, that one will remain open.

The Fayetteville restaurant will soon be nothing more than memories and customers are sharing thiers on social media.

"I've been going since it was Mr. Steak when I was a little girl. My parents had their first dinner date there and now they've been married for 46 years! You've definitely been a part of our lives and will be missed." - Valerie Delbert Hoover

"My first job was here and I took my now fiancé on our first date here! I’m gonna miss this place!" - Zachary Berg

"Such a loss. One restaurant that had a great menu with classic favorites." - Peter Naughton

"My parents and the rest of the family have loved dining at Kirby's throughout the years. It is my folks' favorite place to eat out. So sorry to hear of your closing." - Kathy Cunningham

Job Offer

Memories aren't the only things being offered in honor of Kirby's closing. Gino's Cheese Steak and Onion restaurant, located kitty-corner to the restaurant, is offering jobs. "Our hearts always go out to the staff. If anyone needs a job, please feel free to DM or call us - hell, you all know where we are – just stop over," Gino's shared on Facebook.

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