A Nickelodeon animator recently left his mark at 7 Hamlets Brewing Company in Westmoreland!


Joe Mandia is a visual effects artist and animator with over 30 movie and TV credits to his name (per IMDb). Mandia apparently enjoyed a brew or two at the establishment, and left a sketch behind:

The napkin sketch shows deep sea cartoon icon SpongeBob SquarePants enjoying some "kelp juice," accompanied by Mandia's signature.

Mandia currently lives in New Hartford while working remotely for Nickelodeon.


Since opening in March of 2020, 7 Hamlets Brewing Company has established itself as one of the premiere farm breweries in Central New York. In a relatively short amount of time, they have developed a strong following of regulars, offering a full array of home-brewed lagers and ales. They routinely feature live music in their tap room and have a great outdoor space to enjoy during the warmer months.

7 Hamlets Brewing Company via Facebook
7 Hamlets Brewing Company via Facebook

From their official website:

What started as a hobby, quickly became our passion... After a few years of brewing on our homemade system, we decided to purchase an electric 1 barrel system consisting of 3-55 gallon stainless steel kettles with a goal to perfect our craft and open our own brewery. 


Then, in 2019, our dream started to become a reality when we purchased a building in our home town of Westmoreland, N.Y. With the help and support of our friends and family, we transformed that building into 7 Hamlets Brewing Company.

On the weekend of March 25th, 7 Hamlets will celebrate its official 3 year anniversary. For more, visit their Facebook page. 

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