In an effort to expose more people to fishing in New York state, there is another free fishing weekend being held this Saturday and Sunday. This is one of the many weekends throughout the year that New York state is waiving licensing fees so that everyone can fish for free. According to WIVB, Saturday, February 15th and Sunday, February 16th will be the first free fishing weekend of 2020.

The Department of Environmental Conservation, Basil Seggos, is encouraging families and those new to ice fishing to get out and try it as a new outdoor activity. He goes on to say that because of the upcoming holiday break, it's a good time for more to explore a new hobby.

There are more free fishing days scheduled throughout the year. They are June 27-28, September 26th, and November 11th. There are hundreds of lakes, streams, and rivers across New York that families can enjoy fishing in.

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