It's been over three years since NXIVM founder Keith Raniere's conviction of federal sex trafficking charges. Raniere had been the ringmaster behind an elaborate multilevel organization called NXIVM (pronounced NEX-ee-umm) that masqueraded as a series of self-help programs. People who enrolled in these programs did so with the hope of "unlocking their true potential." The organization was headquartered in and around the Albany area.

The interesting part is, NXIVM's programs worked, to some degree. There were people enrolled in the non-sexual, non-culty ones that reported positive results. And not everyone enrolled in NXIVM was aware of the dark and disturbing behavior being conducted behind the scenes by the company's founder.

Raniere had a "secret society" in his company called DOS, where female sex slaves were groomed for his pleasure. This was done with the help of various high-ranking NXIVM women like Smallville actress Allison Mack. It's the investigation into this scandalous subsection that led to Raniere being sentenced to 120 years in prison on charges of federal sex trafficking, racketeering and child pornography possession.

But Raniere wasn't the only high-ranking member of NXIVM. There were others that could feasibly keep its other programs running.


According to an article from

...while Raniere awaited sentencing, the US federal government seized a Delaware company that owned the rights to NXIVM’s ideologies, often referred to as “tech”. Prosecutors argued this “tech”, developed by NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman who was a former practitioner of a pseudoscientific therapy called neurolinguistic programming, enabled the company to manipulate and mentally condition its members.

About a year ago, my girlfriend and I made the pilgrimage to the abandoned offices of "Executive Success Programs," the principal curriculum under the NXIVM umbrella. It's located at 455 New Karner Road, Albany, New York. The building is locked and inaccessible.

Will Phillips
Will Phillips


For a deep dive on Keith Raniere and the history of NXIVM, check out The Vow miniseries on HBO.









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