Allison Mack, the Smallville actress who was a prominent figure of the NXIVM sex cult that operated out of Albany, has been released from a California prison, according to reports.

Mack had been sentenced to three years after pleading guilty for her role in grooming young women into becoming sex slaves for NXIVM's founder and leader Keith Raniere.

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NVIVM -- which is pronounced NEX-ee-umm -- was headquartered near Albany and masqueraded as a multilevel marketing and self-help organization that promised to "unlock your true potential." However, there was a seedy subsection of the group called "DOS" which manipulated women into losing weight and becoming subservient to Keith Raniere. Part of the initiation into this subsection involved branding Raniere's initials into the flesh of the pubic area of certain women.

US Government, Eastern District of NY
US Government, Eastern District of NY

By working with federal authorities to help them prosecute Raniere, who was ultimately found guilty of sex trafficking and sentenced to 120 years in prison, Mack was spared a longer prison term.

Raniere and Mack weren't the only notable members of the NXIVM sex cult. Other members included Seagram's liquor heiress Clare Bronfman and India Oxenberg, daughter of Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenberg.

HBO produced a series on the cult called The Vow which is available to stream on their platform.


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No, while Raniere awaited sentencing, the US federal government seized a Delaware company that owned the rights to NXIVM’s ideologies...


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