Ever since Damar Hamlin made his first public appearance after a horrific on-field cardiac arrest, mouth-breathing idiots have been peddling a new conspiracy theory: That Damar Hamlin actually died, and the person we saw during the Bills-Bengals playoff game is actually a clone.

The theory says that Damar died that day on the field back on January 2nd due to complications from the COVD-19 vaccine. Since the NFL requires all players to be vaccinated, the League instigated a massive coverup with the help of the FBI to hide Hamlin's death.

What's giving fuel to this lunacy is the fact that Hamlin has kept his face mostly hidden from public view. You can see the video below of Damar Hamlin being carted into Highmark Stadium during their January 22nd playoff game against the Bengals:

During the game, fans were directed to the press box Hamlin was seated in, where he could be seen giving his famous hand-heart gesture. He did wear a gaiter over his face, which could be for any number of reasons: to protect himself from infection after a severe medical emergency, wanting to deflect attention, or because Buffalo is so damn cold.

But let's play Devil's advocate for a second and say Damar Hamlin *was* cloned. I highly doubt you could cook up a mature specimen for a public appearance in just 20 days. Dolly the Sheep took 148 days to incubate, and she was born... a baby.

Conspiracy theorists are basically simpletons with an overactive imagination who lack any talent to put that imagination to good use, in the form of, say, a novel or screenplay.  So instead they parrot their brainless ideas to anyone who will listen.

Conspiracy theorists also severely underestimate how often stuff just sucks at face value. Sometimes life just... sucks.

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