Egads! That's a lot of meat! How do you think your family would react to this monster on the dinner table?

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The popular Swedish furniture retailer -- who also sells meatballs for some reason -- are taking things to the next level this Christmas with giant 10-lb meatballs. According to the purveyors of particleboard, the giant meatball can feed up to 25 people.

The giant ball elicited a lot of feelings when it was unveiled on Instagram-- a mixture of excitement and bewilderment. The comment that took the cake was:

We're gonna need a bigger gravy boat.

IKEA confirmed the colossal meatball's reality and announced a giveaway for 30 lucky winners. For those leaning towards a meatless option, there's a chance to snag a Veggieball Christmas Tree.


The meatball giveaway is exclusive to the UK, but there are high hopes for a future release in the U.S. Fingers crossed that a giant Swedish meatball feast is on the horizon for Americans.


Ikea Plans New Stores And Over 2 Billion In Investment In U.S. Market
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There are currently just two IKEA showrooms in New York, and both are downstate:

IKEA • Long Island
1100 Broadway Mall
Hicksville, NY 11801

IKEA • Brooklyn
1 Beard Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231


There is, however, an IKEA pick-up location in Liverpool -- right outside of Syracuse. According to IKEA, "The local pick-up option allows customers to choose to pick up their packages from a location that fits into their routines and ensures that packages won’t be left outside if they aren’t home."

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