Oh man, I'm not handling the pandemic too well. My clothes are getting tighter, and I'm not even that sad about it. How's your body handling the pandemic?

At first, I didn't notice too much of a difference in my body while we've been going through this endless pandemic. However, lately, my T-shirts don't really fit the same, and my face seems like it might be "puffier". Damn it! This is what I was afraid of, gaining a bunch of weight during this ordeal.

I've seen so many people change their habits during the COVID-19 pandemic. I tried to be one of these people. I started off by hiking more and being much more physical. That ended pretty quickly, and I was back to eating what I wanted with little physical activity. Now, I'm starting to see the consequences of being a lazy slug. Something needs to change.

Usually, I've always relied on my metabolism, but it seems that may be starting to slow down a bit as I get older. Of course, what a perfect time for that to happen. I'm gonna be honest, I'm probably not going to work out. I've always liked doing other things like hiking or playing sports for physical activity. I'm not a "go to the gym type of person".

How have you held up doing all this craziness 2020 has dropped on us? Are you changing and taking advantage of the extra time to work on yourself? Or like me, feeling the pain of being lazy and eating way too much food?

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