Someone get this man his award for Boyfriend of the Year!

After a recent snow gail brought New York a dumping of snow, a guy spent all day building something super special for his special person. Zach Chin woke up one day and decided to build his girlfriend an igloo, documenting the whole experience on TikTok. In the video, he wrote that his girlfriend, Theresa Leung, had been stressed lately while studying for finals, and he wanted to help out (in the cutest way humanly possible).

Chin got up before the crack of dawn and started shoveling show for the igloo at 5:45 a.m. Talk about dedication! After over 12 hours of hard work, Chin surprised his girlfriend with the igloo, and her look of shock, awe and joy as she climbs inside is priceless.

As if a homemade igloo date wasn't spectacular enough, Chin even made Leung warm vanilla sugar cookies and a mug of hot coffee to complete the experience.

Are you feeling single yet?!

Last week's snow gail brought inches, and in many cases feet, of snow to New Yorkers across the state. In the Southern Tier, Binghamton even experienced record-breaking snow as residents woke up to 40 inches of snow Thursday morning.

Ben Barnum lives in Binghamton and captured the tremendous snowfall in this amazing time-lapse video.

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